X-Binary Ltd

X-Binary Ltd is one of the most innovative and most profitable asset management companies, which generates highly profitable returns. X-Binary Ltd was dedicated to focusing on generating profits exclusively from the Cryptocurrency trading. We are committed to providing the innovative investment service that is controlled by our experienced professionals.


Make a deposit and the system starts to build your binary network automatically.


Get 2% daily for 100 business days with a minimum deposit of $10.


Get 2% daily for 125 business days with a minimum deposit of $100.


Get 2% daily for 150 business days with a minimum deposit of $1000.

Automatic withdrawal

Withdraw your earning to Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, or AdvCash automatically.

Unlimited deposit

You can make an unlimited number of deposit. The daily earning will pay separated.


Daily earning will be credited to M-wallet on every business day at 12.00 AM.

100% automatic

You will get 2040 of binary referrals automatically. Your network will be growth automatically.

10 deep levels

Your network will growth till ten deep level. The system will build your networks till ten levels.

Unlimited bonus

Get Unlimited of pairing bonus for each pairing income on your binary network

Small pairing size

One pair is the pairing of left income $50 and right income $50. Get unlimited daily pairs.

Five minutes

The binary income calculated in real time and the bonus will pay every five minutes.


All of your pairing bonus will be paid and credited to your B-wallet balance every five minutes.

10 deep levels

You can growth your unilevel networking kingdom from 1st till 10th level.

Unlimited referrals

You can have an unlimited number of referrals for each level on your unilevel network.


All referral bonuses will be credited instantly to your M-wallet balance.

10% referral bonus

Get a 10% referral bonus from your unilevel referral deposits at the first level.

1% referral bonus

Get a 1% referral bonus from your unilevel referral deposits at the second to fifth levels.

0.5% referral bonus

Get a 0.5% referral bonus from your unilevel referral deposits at the sixth to tenth levels.


X-Binary Ltd has two wallet types created especially for investment and networking.

Daily earning

Daily earnings on your investment will be credited to your M-wallet on every business day at 8:00 AM.

Referral bonus

Any referral bonus will be credited to your M-wallet instantly when your referral makes a deposit.

Make a deposit

You can make a deposit directly using your M-wallet balance, starting from $10.

Make withdrawal

Withdraw your M-wallet balance to payment processors, starting from $0.10.

Transfer balance

You can transfer your M-wallet balance to your B-wallet balance, starting from $0.10.

Extra 10% bonus

Get a 10% B-wallet transfer bonus when you transfer an M-wallet balance.

Pairing bonus

Any pairing bonus will be credited to your B-wallet every day at 8:00 AM.

10% transfer bonus

Get 10% of transfer bonus in B-wallet when you transfer M-wallet to B-wallet.

Incoming transfer

Receive incoming transfer from M-wallet or other members starting from $0.10.

20% advisor Bonus

The Advisor will get a 20% bonus when making deposits for other members through B-wallet.

Transfer balance

You can sell and transfer your B-wallet to other members starting from $0.10.

Make Deposit

You can make a deposit deposit directly using your B-wallet balance starting from $10.

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